Jun 21

Great success for the Born Digital & Cultural Heritage conference

Born Digital & Cultural Heritage conference, organized by the Play It Again project, has been held on June 19-20th in Melbourne, Australia. The conference was hosted at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and received a huge success. The conference saw the partecipation of Andreas Lange, director of Computerspielemuseum Berlin and EFGAMP founding member, which chaired a panel with the partecipation of SPS/Kryoflux Christian Bartsch, another founding member of EFGAMP, and Joseph Redon of the Game Preservation Society from Japan. It is possible to see the photos of the event below in this post (click on the thumbnails to enlarge).

In the picture: Melanie Swalwell (Conference Chair, Flinders University Adelaide, Project Leader Play it again)

(from left): Shane Farrow (New Zealand Film Archive),
Andreas Lange (Computerspielemuseum), Henry Lowood (Stanford Libraries), Melanie Swalwell

 (from left): Joseph Redon (Game Preservation Society Japan), Henry Lowood, Andreas Lange)

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