The Purpose of the Association is the facilitation of the preservation of the heritage of interactive entertainment and information media and content, the facilitation of public access to such media and content, the gathering and circulation of knowledge concerning preservation of such media and content, the coordination of international activities with the aim of preservation of such media and content, the support of collaboration of international organisations of private and governmental nature acting in this field, the facilitation of knowledge and experience exchange, the contact to governmental and political institutions with the aim to improve the political, legal and economical framework and public relation concerning the preservation of such media and content.” (from paragraph 2 of EFGAMP statute)

The objectives of EFGAMP:

  • Advance the availability of digital interactive heritage
  • Gather and circulate knowledge about digital preservation
  • Strengthen the European information society
  • Represent members and partners of EFGAMP on a European and global level
  • Network with other digital preservation communities worldwide
  • Lobby to advance the conditions of digital preservation and the accessibility of digital interactive entertainment heritage